Urogenital system

The urogenital system can be divided functionally into the urinary (excretory) system and the genital (reproductive) system. Embryologically and anatomically, however, they are closely connected. The urogenital system develops from the intermediate mesoderm which extends along the dorsal body wall of the embryo. The intermediate mesoderm later loses its connection with the somites and forms a longitudinal elevation of the mesoderm called the urogenital ridge. Part of the urogenital ridge giving rise to the urinary tract is known as the nephrogenic cord. Medial part of the urogenital ridge forms the gonadal (genital) ridge. The mesothelial lining of the peritoneal cavity and the endoderm of the urogenital sinus also take part in the development of the urogenital system.

Intermediate mesoderm

Urogenital ridge

1. Somite
2. Splanchnic mesoderm
3. Endoderm
4. Somatic mesoderm
5. Intermediate mesoderm
6. Notochord
7. Intraembryonic coelom
8. Dorsal aorta
9. Neural tube
10. Yolk sac





1. Gut
2. Gonad
3. Bowman's capsule
4. Mesonephric duct
5. Excretory tubule of mesonephros
6. Glomerulus
7. Mesentery